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Early Life Origins of Health and Disease

Early Life Origins of Health and Disease


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Table of contents

1. The Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
Petter D. Gluckman, Mark A. Hanson

2. Developmental Origins of Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity in Humans
Carolien H. D. Fall

3. Studies of Twins
Ruth Morley, Terence Dwyer, John B. Carlin

4. Prenatal Programming of Human Motor Function
Julia B. Pitcher, David J. Henderson-Smart, Jeffrey S. Robinson

5. Adaptive Responses of Early Embryos to Their Microenvironment and Consequences for Post-Implantation Development
Jeremy Thompson, Michelle Lane, Sarah Robertson

6. Modification of Epigenetic State through Dietary Manipulation in the Developing Mammalian Embryo
Nicola Vickaryous, Emma Whitelaw

7. Critical Experiments to Determine if Early Nutritional Influences on Epigenetic Mechanisms Cause Metabolic Imprinting in Humans
Robert A. Waterland

8. Manipulation of the Maternal Diet in Rat Pregnancy
Simon C. Langley-Evans, Leanne Bellinger, Dean Sculley, Alison Langley-Evans, Sarah McMullen

9. Programming Hypertension—Animal Models
Kate M. Denton, Michelle M. Kett, Miodrag Dodic

10. Developmental Programming of Cardiovascular Dysfunction
Lucilla Poston, James A. Armitage, Paul D. Taylor

11. Kidney Development and Fetal Programming
Karen M. Moritz, Luise A. Cullen-McEwen

12. Programming of Obesity—Experimental Evidence
Bernhard H. Breier, Stefan O. Krechowec, Mark H. Vickers

13. Perinatal Programming of Adult Metabolic Homeostasis
Kathryn L. Gatford, Miles J. Blasio, Miodrag Dodic, Dane M. Horton, Karen L. Kind

14. Programming Effects of Excess Glucocorticoid Exposure in Late Gestation
Timothy J. M. Moss, Deborah M. Sloboda

15. Programming Effects of Moderate and Binge Alcohol Consumption
Jeff Schwartz, Luke C. Carey

16. Vitamin D in Pregnancy and Offspring Health
Marianne Tare, Helena C. Parkington, Ruth Morley

17. The Fetal Origins of Adult Mental Illness
Laura Bennet, Alistair J. Gunn

18. Hypoxia, Fetal Growth and Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
Dino A. Giussani


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