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Handbook of Disaster Research

Handbook of Disaster Research 

Publisher  Springer
Publication year  2007
Language  en
Edition  1
Category  Social Science
Format  Ebook
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Table of contents

1. What Is a Disaster
Ronald W. Perry

2. A Heuristic Approach to Future Disasters and Crises: New, Old, and In-Between Types
E.L. Quarantelli, Patrick Lagadec, Arjen Boin

3. The Crisis Approach
Arjen Boin, Paul ‘t Hart

4. Methodological Issues
Robert A. Stallings

5. The Role of Geographic Information Systems/Remote Sensing in Disaster Management
Deborah S.K. Thomas, Kivanç ErtuGay, Serkan Kemeç

6. Morbidity and Mortality Associated with Disasters
Linda B. Bourque, Judith M. Siegel, Megumi Kano, Michele M. Wood

7. Race, Class, Ethnicity, and Disaster Vulnerability
Bob Bolin

8. Gender and Disaster: Foundations and Directions
Elaine Enarson, Alice Fothergill, Lori Peek

9. Globalization and Localization: An Economic Approach
J.M. Albala-Bertrand

10. Local Emergency Management Organizations
David A. McEntire

11. Community Processes: Warning and Evacuation
John H. Sorensen, Barbara Vogt Sorensen

12. Search and Rescue Activities in Disasters
Margarita Poteyeva, Megan Denver, Lauren E. Barsky, Benigno E. Aguirre

13. Community Processes: Coordination
Thomas E. Drabek

14. Sustainable Disaster Recovery: Operationalizing An Existing Agenda
Gavin P. Smith, Dennis Wenger

15. Sheltering and Housing Recovery Following Disaster
Walter Gillis Peacock, Nicole Dash, Yang Zhang

16. Businesses and Disasters: Vulnerability, Impacts, and Recovery
Kathleen J. Tierney

17. Organizational Adaptation to Disaster
Gary A. Kreps, Susan Lovegren Bosworth

18. Community Innovation and Disasters
James M. Kendra, Tricia Wachtendorf

19. Disaster and Development Research and Practice: A Necessary Eclecticism
Maureen Fordham

20. National Planning and Response: National Systems
Neil R. Britton

21. Disaster and Crisis Management in Transitional Societies: Commonalities and Peculiarities
Boris N. Porfiriev

22. Terrorism as Disaster
William L. Waugh

23. Recent Developments in U.S. Homeland Security Policies and Their Implications for the Management of Extreme Events
Kathleen J. Tierney

24. Unwelcome Irritant or Useful Ally? The Mass Media in Emergencies
Joseph Scanlon

25. The Popular Culture of Disaster: Exploring a New Dimension of Disaster Research
Gary R. Webb

26. Remembering: Community Commemoration After Disaster
Anne Eyre

27. Research Applications in the Classroom
Brenda D. Phillips

28. From Research to Praxis: The Relevance of Disaster Research for Emergency Management
Richard A. Rotanz

29. Communicating Risk and Uncertainty: Science, Technology, and Disasters at the Crossroads
Havidán Rodríguez, Walter Díaz, Jenniffer M. Santos, Benigno E. Aguirre

30. Crisis Management in the Twenty-First Century: “Unthinkable” Events in “Inconceivable” Contexts
Patrick Lagadec

31. New Dimensions: The Growth of a Market in Fear
Frank Furedi

32. Disasters Ever More? Reducing U.S. Vulnerabilities
Charles Perrow


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