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Handbook of Optimization in Telecommunications

Handbook of Optimization in Telecommunications 

Publisher  Springer
Publication year  2006
Language  en
Edition  1
Imprint  Springer US - Boston, MA
Page amount  1165 pages
Category  Mathematics
Format  Ebook
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Table of contents

I. Optimization algorithms

1. Interior Point Methods for Large-Scale Linear Programming
John E. Mitchell, Kris Farwell, Daryn Ramsden

2. Nonlinear Programming in Telecommunications
Athanasios Migdalas

3. Integer Programming for Telecommunications
Eva K. Lee, David P. Lewis

4. Metaheuristics and Applications to Optimization Problems in Telecommunications
Simone L. Martins, Celso C. Ribeiro

5. Lagrangian Relax-and-Cut Algorithms
Abilio Lucena

6. Minimum Cost Network Flow Algorithms
Jeffery L. Kennington, Richard V. Helgason

7. Multicommodity Network Flow Models and Algorithms in Telecommunications
Michel Minoux

8. Shortest Path Algorithms
Paola Festa

II. Planning and design

9. Network Planning Problems in Telecommunications
Henrique Pacca L. Luna

10. Multicommodity Flow Problems and Decomposition in Telecommunications Networks
Abdel Lisser, Philippe Mahey

11. Telecommunications Network Design
Anders Forsgren, Mikael Prytz

12. Ring Network Design
Mathias Henningsson, Kaj Holmberg, Di Yuan

13. Telecommunications Access Network Design
Tamra Carpenter, Hanan Luss

14. Optimization Issues in Distribution Network Design
Geraldo R. Mateus, Zenilton K. G. Patrocínio

15. Polyhedral Approaches to the Design of Survivable Networks
Bernard Fortz, Martine Labbé

16. Design of Survivable Networks Based on p-Cycles
Wayne D. Grover, John Doucette, Adil Kodian, Dion Leung, Anthony Sack, Matthieu Clouqueur, Gangxiang Shen

17. Optimization Issues in Quality of Service
John G. Klincewicz

18. Steiner Tree Problems in Telecommunications
Stefan Voß

19. On Formulations and Methods for the Hop-Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
Geir Dahl, Luis Gouveia, Cristina Requejo

20. Location Problems in Telecommunications
Darko Skorin-Kapov, Jadranka Skorin-Kapov, Valter Boljun?ic

21. Pricing and Equilibrium in Communication Networks
Qiong Wang

III. Routing

22. Optimization of Dynamic Routing Networks
Gerald R. Ash

23. ILP Formulations for the Routing and Wavelength Assignment Problem: Symmetric Systems
Brigitte Jaumard, Christophe Meyer, Babacar Thiongane

24. Route Optimization in IP Networks
Jennifer Rexford

25. Optimization Problems in Multicast Tree Construction
Carlos A.S. Oliveira, Panos M. Pardalos, Mauricio G.C. Resende

IV. Reliability, restoration, and grooming

26. Network Reliability Optimization
Abdullah Konak, Alice E. Smith

27. Stochastic Optimization in Telecommunications
Alexei A. Gaivoronski

28. Network Restoration
Deep Medhi

29. Telecommunications Network Grooming
Richard S. Barr, M. Scott Kingsley, Raymond A. Patterson

V. Wireless

30. Graph Domination, Coloring and Cliques in Telecommunications
Balabhaskar Balasundaram, Sergiy Butenko

31. Optimization in Wireless Networks
Manki Min, Altannar Chinchuluun

32. Optimization Problems and Models for Planning Cellular Networks
Edoardo Amaldi, Antonio Capone, Federico Malucelli, Carlo Mannino

33. Load Balancing in Cellular Wireless Networks
Sem Borst, Georg Hampel, Iraj Saniee, Phil Whiting

VI. The web and beyond

34. Optimization Issues in Web Search Engines
Zhen Liu, Philippe Nain

35. Optimization in E-Commerce
Markos Kourgiantakis, Iraklis Mandalianos, Athanasios Migdalas, Panos M. Pardalos

36. Optimization Issues in Combinatorial Auctions
Stan Hoesel, Rudolf Müller

37. Supernetworks
Anna Nagurney

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