Yu, Tina

Genetic Programming Theory and Practice III

Genetic Programming Theory and Practice III


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Table of contents

1. Genetic Programming: Theory and Practice
Tina Yu, Rick Riolo, Bill Worzel

2. Evolving Swarming Agents in Real Time
H. Van Dyke Parunak

3. Automated Design of a Previously Patented Aspherical Optical Lens System by Means of Genetic Programming
Lee W. Jones, Sameer H. Al-Sakran, John R. Koza

4. Discrimination of Unexploded Ordnance from Clutter Using Linear Genetic Programming
Frank D. Francone, Larry M. Deschaine, Tom Battenhouse, Jeffrey J. Warren

5. Rapid Re-Evolution of an X-Band Antenna for Nasa’s Space Technology 5 Mission
Jason D. Lohn, Gregory S. Hornby, Derek S. Linden

6. Variable Selection in Industrial Datasets Using Pareto Genetic Programming
Guido Smits, Arthur Kordon, Katherine Vladislavleva, Elsa Jordaan, Mark Kotanchek

7. A Higher-Order Function Approach to Evolve Recursive Programs
Tina Yu

8. Trivial Geography in Genetic Programming
Lee Spector, Jon Klein

9. Running Genetic Programming Backwards
Riccardo Poli, William B. Langdon

10. An Examination of Simultaneous Evolution of Grammars and Solutions
R. Muhammad Atif Azad, Conor Ryan

11. The Importance of Local Search
Tuan Hao Hoang, Xuan Nguyen, R I McKay, Daryl Essam

12. Content Diversity in Genetic Programming and Its Correlation with Fitness
A. Almal, W. P. Worzel, E. A. Wollesen, C. D. MacLean

13. Genetic Programming Inside a Cell
Christian Jacob, Ian Burleigh

14. Evolution on Neutral Networks in Genetic Programming
Wolfgang Banzhaf, Andre Leier

15. The Effects of Size and Depth Limits on Tree Based Genetic Programming
Ellery Fussell Crane, Nicholas Freitag McPhee

16. Application Issues of Genetic Programming in Industry
Arthur Kordon, Flor Castillo, Guido Smits, Mark Kotanchek

17. Challenges in Open-Ended Problem Solving with Genetic Programming
Jason M. Daida

18. Domain Specificity of Genetic Programming Based Automated Synthesis: A Case Study with Synthesis of Mechanical Vibration Absorbers
Jianjun Hus, Ronald C. Rosenberg, Erik D. Goodman

19. Genetic Programming in Industrial Analog CAD: Applications and Challenges
Trent McConaghy, Georges Gielen

Keywords: Computer Science, Computing Methodologies, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Theory of Computation, Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity, Programming Techniques

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Genetic Programming
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324 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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