Sepúlveda, Francisco V.

Pumps, Transporters, and Ion Channels

Pumps, Transporters, and Ion Channels


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Table of contents

1. Channels and Pumps Early in Evolution
Clay M. Armstrong

2. The Possible Role of Aquaporin 0 in Lens Physiology
James E. Hall, Karin L. Németh-Cahalan

3. Central Role of the Ca2+i Regulatory Site in Ionic and Metabolic Modulation of Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger in Dialyzed Squid Axons
Luis Beaugé, Reinaldo DiPolo

4. Calcium Dependence of Calcium Release Channels (Ryanodine Receptors) from Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle
Cecilia Hidalgo, Paulina Donoso, Ricardo Bull

5. Modulation of Ryanodine Receptor Channels from Rat Brain Cortex in Lipid Bilayers
María Isabel Behrens, Juan José Marengo, José Pablo Finkelstein, Ricardo Bull

6. Exocytic Pathway Check Points for Functional Potassium Channels in the Plasma Membrane
Marcela Bravo-Zehnder

7. C-Termini Region Shared by ß2A, ß1B and ß3 Subunits Confer Prepulse Facilitation to Cardiac Calcium Channels
Igor Dzhura, Georgina Guererro, Alan Neely

8. Differential Expression of Ca Channels and Synaptic Transmission in Normal and Ataxic Knock-Out Mice
Francisco J. Urbano, Marcelo D. Rosato-Siri, Osvaldo D. Uchitel

9. Investigating the Modular Basis of BK Channel Activation by Calcium
Edward Moczydlowski

10. Helical Nature of the Voltage Sensor
Osvaldo Álvarez, Eduardo Rosenmann, Francisco Bezanilla, Carlos González, Ramön Latorre

11. Peptide Toxins as Conformational Probes for K-Channels
David Naranjo

12. Molecular Participants in Voltage-Dependent Gating
Shinghua Ding, Thao P. Nguyen, Richard Horn

13. CA2+ Dynamics at Nerve-Terminal Active Zones Monitored by Endogenous KCa Channels
Alan D. Grinnell, Bruce Yazejian, Xiaoping Sun, Bo-Ming Chen

14. Fine Tuning of Excitability by KCa Channels in Mudpuppy Parasympathetic Neurons
Fabiana S. Scornik

15. Twinkle Twinkle Little Spark: Out of Tune Potassium Channels
Guillermo J. Pérez

16. A CLC-2-Like Chloride Conductance in Drosophila Photoreceptors
Gonzalo Ugarte, Peter M. O’Day, Juan Bacigalupo, Cecilia Vergara


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