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Essays in Honor of Edwin Mansfield

Essays in Honor of Edwin Mansfield


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Table of contents

1. Edwin Mansfield: An Appreciation
F. M. Scherer

2. Flexibility and Endogenous Innovation
Robert M. Solow

3. Schumpeter and the Micro-foundations of Endogenous Growth
F.M. Scherer Aetna

4. Technology and Technology Transfer: Mansfieldian Inspirations and Subsequent Developments
David J. Teece

5. Welfare Implications of User Innovation
Joachim Henkel, Eric Hippel

6. Underinvestment in Public Good Technologies
Gregory Tassey

7. Evaluating Public Sector R&D Programs: The Advanced Technology Program’s Investment in Wavelength References for Optical Fiber
Albert N. Link, John T. Scott

8. Industrial R&D Laboratories: Windows on Black Boxes?
James D. Adams

9. Public Policy and Environmental Research and Development
John T. Scott

10. The Importance of R&D for Innovation: A Reassessment Using French Survey Data
Jacques Mairesse, Pierre Mohnen

11. University R&D and Firm Productivity: Evidence from Italy
Giuseppe Medda, Claudio Piga, Donald S. Siegel

12. Reflections on Mansfield, Technological Complexity, and the “Golden Age” of U.S. Corporate R&D
Philip E. Auerswald, Lewis M. Branscomb

13. The Welfare Effects of Research and Production Joint Ventures
Kathryn L. Combs

14. Research Joint Ventures in the United States: A Descriptive Analysis
Albert N. Link

15. Exploring the Patent Explosion
Bronwyn H. Hall

16. The University and the Start-Up: Lessons from the Past Two Decades
Josh Lerner

17. Patents and Appropriation: Concerns and Evidence
Wesley M. Cohen

18. The Bayh-Dole Act of 1980 and University-Industry Technology Transfer: A Model for Other OECD Governments?
David C. Mowery, Bhaven N. Sampat

19. Financing Constraints in the Inter Firm Diffusion of New Process Technologies
Alessandra Canepa, Paul Stoneman

20. Ed Mansfield and the Diffusion of Innovation: An Evolutionary Connection
J. S. Metcalfe

21. Mansfield’s Missing Link: The Impact of Knowledge Spillovers on Firm Growth
David B. Audretsch, Erik E. Lehmann

22. Predictable Cross-Industry Heterogeneity in Industry Dynamics
Kenneth L. Simons

23. Mansfield’s Innovation in the Theory of Innovation
David B. Audretsch, Erik E. Lehmann

24. Modeling the Impact of Technical Change on Emissions Abatement Investments in Developing Countries
Michael Gallaher, K. Casey Delhotal

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Economic Theory, R & D/Technology Policy, Methodology and the History of Economic Thought

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