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Optimization and Control with Applications

Optimization and Control with Applications


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Table of contents

I.Duality and Optimality Conditions

1. On Minimization of Max-Min Functions
A.M. Bagirov, A.M. Rubinov

2. A Comparison of Two Approaches to Second-Order Subdifferentiability Concepts with Application to Optimality Conditions
A. Eberhard, C. E. M. Pearce

3. Duality and Exact Penalization via a Generalized Augmented Lagrangian Function
X.X. Huang, X.Q. Yang

4. Duality for Semi-Definite and Semi-Infinite Programming with Equality Constraints
S.J. Li, X.Q. Yang, K.L. Teo

5. The Use of Nonsmooth Analysis and of Duality Methods for the Study of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
Jean-Paul Penot

6. Some Classes of Abstract Convex Functions
A.M. Rubinov, A.P. Shveidel

II.Optimization Algorithms

7. An Implementation of Training Dual-nu Support Vector Machines
Hong-Gunn Chew, Cheng-Chew Lim, Robert E. Bogner

8. An Analysis of the Barzilai and Borwein Gradient Method for Unsymmetric Linear Equations
Yu-Hong Dai, Li-Zhi Liao, Duan Li

9. An Exchange Algorithm for Minimizing Sum-Min Functions
Alexei V. Demyanov

10. On the Barzilai-Borwein Method
Roger Fletcher

11. The Modified Subgraident Method for Equality Constrained Nonconvex Optimization Problems
Rafail N. Gasimov, Nergiz A. Ismayilova

12. Inexact Restoration Methods for Nonlinear Programming: Advances and Perspectives
José Mario Martinez, Elvio A. Pilotta

13. Quantum Algorithm for Continuous Global Optimization
V. Protopopescu, J. Barhen

14. SQP versus SCP Methods for Nonlinear Programming
Klaus Schittkowski, Christian Zillober

15. An Approximation Approach for Linear Programming in Measure Space
C.F. Wen, S.Y. Wu

III.Optimal Control

16. Optimal Control of Nonlinear Systems
S.P. Banks, T. Cimen

17. Proximal-Like Methods for Convex Minimization Problems
Christian Kanzow

18. Analysis of Two Dimensional Nonconvex Variational Problems
René Meziat

19. Stability of Equilibrium Points of Projected Dynamical Systems
Mauro Passacantando

20. On a Quasi-Consistent Approximations Approach to Optimization Problems with Two Numerical Precision Parameters
Olivier Pironneau, Elijah Polak

21. Numerical Solutions of Optimal Switching Control Problems
T. Ruby, V. Rehbock

22. A Solution to Hamilton-Jacobi Equation by Neural Networks and Optimal State Feedback Control
Kiyotaka Shimizu

23. H8 Control Based on State Observer for Descriptor Systems
Wei Xing, Q.L. Zhang, W.Q. Liu, Qiyi Wangqlzhang

IV.Variational Inequality and Equilibrium Problems

24. Decomposable Generalized Vector Variational Inequalities
E. Allevi, A. Gnudi, I. V. Konnov

25. On a Geometric Lemma and Set-Valued Vector Equilibrium Problem
Shui-Hung Hou

26. Equilibrium Problems
Giovanna Idone, Antonino Maugeri

27. Gap Functions and Descent Methods for Minty Variational Inequality
Giandomenico Mastroeni

28. A New Class of Proximal Algorithms for the Nonlinear Complementarity Problem
G.J.P. Silva, P.R. Oliveira


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