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Control Engineering

Control Engineering


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Control Engineering
An Introductory Course

Control Engineering "An Introductory Course" is aimed at second or third year courses in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and provides for the needs of these courses without being over-burdened with detail.
The authors work in one of the foremost centres in Europe for Control Engineering, and bring both teaching and practical consultancy experience to the text, which links theoretical approaches to actual case histories. Including an introduction to the software tools of MATLAB and SIMULINK, this book also includes simulations and examples throughout, and will give a straightforward and no-nonsense introduction to Control Engineering for students, and those wishing to refresh their knowledge.
Tools for the Control Engineer
Software Toolkit: MATLAB
Software Toolkit: Simulink
Modelling and Block Diagrams
Simple Systems: first-order behaviour
Simple Systems: second-order behaviour
Feedback improves system performance
Design Specifications on System Time Response
Poles, Zeroes and System Stability
Three Term Control: PID Control
PID Control: The Background to Simple Tuning Methods
Root Locus for Analysis and Design
The Frequency Domain
Frequency Response using Bode Plot Presentation
Controller Design using the Bode plot
Analysis and Simple Design using the Nichol's chart
Practical Aspects of PID control
PID Controller Tuning Methods
Introducing a State Variable Description of a System
Linearisation of Systems from the Non-linear World
Analysis of State Variable Systems
An introduction to Control using State Variable System Models
Author Biographies
JACQUELINE WILKIE (Senior Lecturer), MICHAEL JOHNSON (Professor), and REZA KATEBI (Senior Lecturer) are academic staff at the Industrial Control Centre, at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, at the University of Strathclyde. They have many years experience, teaching control and measurement across all years of the Undergraduate programme, and have been dedicated to revitalising teaching practice in this subject.
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