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Evidence-Based Child Health Care

Evidence-Based Child Health Care


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Evidence-Based Child Health Care
Challenges for Practice

An 'evidence-based' approach to health care is growing in importance, but it is difficult for students and professionals to keep up-to-date with a vast and changing knowledge base. Even more challenging is the need to apply the evidence to everyday nursing practice.
This book helps the reader to do just that. Bringing together a range of contributors, it explores some of the latest research in children's nursing. A particular feature is the application of the findings presented to nursing practice.
Introduction: Challenging Issues Facing Children's Nurses in their Quest to Deliver Evidence-Based Practice; E.A.Glasper & L.Ireland
Evidence-Based Clinical Nursing Practice: Providing the Evidence; T.Long
The Legacy of a Paediatric Nursing Degree Course; A.Dearmun
The Role of Professional Journals in Promoting Evidence-Based Care; A.Casey
Parental Participation in the Care of Hospitalised Children: A Review of the Evidence; P.Callery & E.Savage
Being a Mother of a Critically Sick Child: Issues for Nursing Practice and Research; J.Noyes
Children's Voices in Health Care Planning; E.Elliott & A.Watson
The Surveillance of Childhood Accidents: Providing the Evidence for Accident Prevention; L.King
Children's Knowledge of their Internal Anatomy; C.Gaudion
Can Information Leaflets Assist Parents in Preparing Children for Hospital Admission?; K.Stone
Promoting Adolescent Sexual Health: Enhancing Professional Knowledge and Skills; R.Smith
Added Power and Understanding in Sex Education; J.Tripp
A Prospective Study of the Provision and Outcome of Paediatric Intensive Care in the South West United Kingdom; S.Warne
The Lived Experiences of Paediatric Nurses' Enjoyment of Caring for Sick Children; M.Bodycombe-James
Nurses' Management of Fever: Rituals or Evidence-Based Practice?; M.Harrison
Decision Analysis in Evidence-Based Children's Nursing; D.O'Sulivan-Burchard
Measuring Effectiveness: The Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse's Role; L.Lowes
Home Sweet Home: Examining the Interface Between Hospital and Home; M.Lane & S.Barker
Intravenous Antibiotics at Home: A Parent's Perspective; C.Ruskin
There's a Whole Family Hurting: The Experience of Living with a Child in Chronic Pain; B.Carter
A Collaborative Approach to Evidence-Based Child Health Nursing Practice; S.Nagy
Author Biographies
EDWARD ALAN GLASPER is Professor of Nursing and Director of Child Health Services at the University of Southampton
LORRAINE IRELAND is Lecturer in Child Health Nursing at the University of Southampton
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Keywords: nursing, Child Health Care, Critically Sick Child, Hospitalised Children, Nursing Practice, Childhood Accidents, Diabetes, Chronic Pain

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